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Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp 5-7kg

Original price £26.29 - Original price £26.29
Original price
£26.29 - £26.29
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- Natural Himalayan salt lamp made from pure Himalayan rock salt lumps
- Handcrafted salt lamp
- Help you breathe easier
- Beneficial for indoor air quality
- Reduce Negative Particles from air
- Remove odors
- Offer a nice warm glow when lit
- Salt lamp cord with dimmer switch

Important note: Pure Himalayan salt is fragile in nature and when crafted it may have some uneven edges and marks. Salt products are sold by weight measure and not by height or any other measurement. They come in various shades like Pale, Orange, and Red depending on the natural rock stone. It may appear that the item you receive may have a different color tone than shown in the picture. Product images are for illustration purposes only and the actual items may vary in appearance but the size and shape will remain very similar.