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Marble Stone Frying Pan - Multipack -20/24/28cm

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This beautiful non-stick grey marble pan has a stylish finish which will go with most kitchen decor, its heat distribution and non-stick coating is beyond comparison. These special frying pans feature the latest non-stick technology which makes cooking food without oils or fats effortless and will save you time washing up afterwards.


The 20cm pan is great for breakfast omelettes, eggs, individual portions of bacon, sausage or browning a chicken fillet. The 24cm pan gives you that same, quick cook option but for larger items, or cooking for two. The 28cm pan is great for family fry-ups, pizzas, multiple burgers, sizzling steaks or large omelettes, tarts and pan-fried potatoes.


Thanks to its impeccable heat distribution, these pans will heat up faster than your regular conventional pans and will stay hotter for longer giving your food a more evenly and professional finish. The Non-stick marble frying pans are suitable to be used in all types of hobs including electric, gas, radiant ring, induction and ceramic.